Men on Boats

Men on Boats
by Jaclyn Backhaus

Westminster College | October 4–13, 2018

Ten explorers. Four boats. The Grand Canyon.

Men on Boats is the mostly true story of John Wesley Powell’s expedition down the tumultuous Colorado River, navigating the Grand Canyon. Playwright Jaclyn Backhaus explores the concept of exploration and discovery through diverse casting of racially diverse actors who identify as female, trans, genderfluid, non-binary, and/or non-gender conforming in a story depicting mostly white male explorers. This play maps more than just the lay of the land, beckoning audiences to consider how roles are cast throughout history and today.

POWELL | Mina Sadoon
DUNN | Mauri Hefley
SUMNER | Taylor Wallace
OLD SHADY | Melissa Salguero
BRADLEY | Lavinia Adams
O.G. | Sara Peel
SENECA | Emily Kitterer
GOODMAN | Daisy Sherman
HALL | Kate Slick
HAWKINS | Megan Sparrer

MOVEMENT | Nathaniel Wooley
STAGE MANAGER | Alexis Corpron
SET | Roya Hedlund
LIGHTS | Spencer Brown
SOUND | Sam Allen
COSTUMES | Spencer Potter & Victoria Bird
PROPS | Samantha Miller

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